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P.O. Box 45
Edinboro, PA   16412

Membership Application

You can now pay your dues here, ONLINE:

Select the membership type desired and follow the links.

You will be taken to Paypal, a secure trusted site.

You can pay with Paypal and a veriety of Credit Cards too.

Payments will be made to the club.

Be sure to include a valid email address and fill in all information.

If all information is not entered, Your donation will be gladly accepted.

Keep in mind that we do not send out membership cards.

Membership pins must be picked up at the club on an activity night, Meeting (1st Wed of the month), shoot, etc.

Prices include charges placed by Paypal for processing your payment:

Adult 1 year $ 20.00 + $ 0.95 $ 20.95
Adult 5 year $ 80.00 + $ 2.70 $ 82.70
Family 1 year $ 25.00 + $ 1.10 $ 26.10
Family 5 year $100.00 + $ 3.30 $103.30
Lifetime Adult $300.00 + $10.00 $310.00
Junior 1 year $  5.00  +  $ 0.50 $  5.50
Sponsor 1 year** $ 25.00 + $ 1.10 $ 26.10

Look at it this way.  You don't need to waste a stamp, envelope and take the time to drop it in the mail.

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Select the desired membership, click on the 'Buy Now' button.
Follow the Paypal site instructions:

Membership Options

**Note:   A 1 year Sponsor membership gets your business name attached to our newsletters.
And if you have a website, we build a link from our 'Sponsor Links' page.
It also gives one person, designated by you (usually the owner), 
membership with all rights, priviledges and responsibilities of a '1 Year Adult' member

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